Fee Basis

Our fees are determined by reference to hourly charge-out rates, which are based on salary costs and overhead apportionment.

Rates range from £50 to £225 per hour (€58 to €260) depending on the staff member involved and the degree of complexity of the work. All the work we do is based on this charging structure, and we prefer to agree a fee in advance of commencing work.

New clients are expected to set up a standing order arrangement; for most clients, the bulk of the Accountant’s fee arises in one lump, generally around the time of the annual audit or accounts preparation, so a standing order spreads the cash flow effect across the year.

We appreciate that most clients prefer to carry out some of the more basic accounting and other tasks before the annual assignment, and we always provide a checklist of this work to assist them.

Bookkeeping rates start at £50 per hour.

Our payroll bureau charges vary according to your requirements, but are competitive.

A sample of our charge-out rates is as follows:

Standard Premium
£ £
Partners 225 275
Audit Partner 195 250
Personal Tax Partner 195 250
Audit Seniors 140
Audit/Tax Assistants 65/90
Assistant Accountants 55/75
Bookkeeping 50/75

For a free estimate, with no obligation, contact one of the Partners at Goldwyns.